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Jackie & Jed — Minted




Jackie and Jed

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Jackie & Jed's Story

In 2019, Jackie was working at the Tuscany Bay community where Jed’s parents live. Jed’s mom, Ann used to tell Jackie “Boy do I have a guy for you” and would say vice versa to Jed about Jackie. Ann truly foresaw the two hitting it off.

However, about a year went by with no contact because each was having some hesitation about the prospect of being “matched”. Then, Thanksgiving 2020 Jed drove from Massachusetts to visit his parents in Florida. He happened to be driving into the community and caught a glimpse of Jackie walking to the community mailbox and from that moment on, Jed was determined to meet Jackie and persisted until that happened.

Their first date, during the pandemic was going for a "socially distant" walk . They both felt an instant connection before words were even exchanged and they both knew they would never be alone again.

Jed quickly drove home, packed his bags and relocated to Florida to pursue his relationship with Jackie and to be closer to his parents.

Two years later, Jed proposed to Jackie during the winter holidays of 2022. Both Jed and Jackie have become extensions to each's family and can't wait to celebrate their union with you.